Calculation of SMD installation

23 Sep, 2021

By hqt


The calculation of the cost of surface mounting is made individually for each order, taking into account discounts for regular customers, order volumes and other factors.

SMD assembly

Installation cost depends on the following parameters:Seriality

The cost of work on the preparation of production and the manufacture of a prototype does not depend on the batch size and is made once for any order. Accordingly, the larger the batch, the cheaper each product costs. When the customer re-calls for the manufacture of the same boards, these works are no longer included in the cost, thereby reducing the cost of production.Complexity

Send us the specification and assembly diagram of the assembly in any format by fax or e-mail for a preliminary estimate of the complexity and, accordingly, the cost of the work. Also, the customer must specify the control requirements. All customer documentation is checked and corrected by our specialists. Possible formats of initial data for technological preparation of production: PCAD, Altium Designer, Gerber RS-274X, CAM 350, Excellon, etc.The timing

The terms of order execution depend on the complexity and workload of our production. The need to fulfill the order in a shorter time may lead to an increase in cost.

When preparing for production, technical specialists consult with the customer about a possible reduction in the cost of assembly without compromising the quality of products. For example, it should be taken into account that automatic installation will be cheaper for a common panel (boards cut after production will cost more during installation), but a double-sided printed circuit board is made out as a separate order for each side.


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