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By setting up a highly specialized team, using automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligent means, ECMS gathers PCB production capacity, combines production, and shares manufacturing, greatly improving PCB production efficiency
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ProjectProcessing capacityDetailed process
layers1-6 floorsThe number of layers refers to the number of layers of the design file, which can produce 1-6 layers of through-hole boards
inkSun seriesWhite oil: Sun 2000 series, Green oil: Sun 07 series
Plate type .CEM-1/FR-4/Aluminum SubstrateCEM-1 sheet
FR-4 sheet
Aluminum base plate
biggest size650x520mm/640x480mmThe maximum size of single and double sides is 650x520mm, and the maximum size of four or six layers is 640x480mm
Dimensional Accuracy±0.15mmCNC outline tolerance ±0.15mm, V-cut plate outline tolerance ±0.15mm
Plate thickness range0.2-2.4mmCurrent production plate thickness: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4 mm
Plate Thickness Tolerance ( t≥1.0mm)± 10%Due to production process reasons (copper sinking, solder mask, and pad sputtering will increase the thickness of the board), the tolerance is generally positive.
Plate Thickness Tolerance ( t<1.0mm)±0.1mmDue to production process reasons (copper sinking, solder mask, and pad sputtering will increase the thickness of the board), the tolerance is generally positive.
Minimum line width4mil (0.1mm)At present, 4mil line width can be connected, and the line width should be larger than 4mil as much as possible
Minimum clearance4mil(0.1mm)4mil line spacing can be connected, the gap should be larger than 4mil as much as possible
Finished outer copper thickness35um/70um(1 OZ/2 OZ)Refers to the thickness of the copper foil on the outer layer of the finished circuit board, 1 OZ=35um, 2 OZ=70um
Finished inner layer copper thickness35umAll inner layers are made with 1 OZ
Drilling hole diameter (machine drill)0.25--6.3mm0.25mm is the minimum hole diameter of the drilled hole, and 6.3mm is the maximum hole diameter of the drilled hole. If it is larger than 6.3mm, the factory will deal with it separately.
Through hole unilateral solder ring≥0.153mm(6mil)If the unilateral solder ring of the conductive hole or plug-in hole is too small, but there is enough space there, the size of the single side of the solder ring is not limited; if there is not enough space and there are dense wiring, the minimum unilateral size The welding ring shall not be less than 0.153mm
Finished hole diameter (machine drilled)0.25--6.5mmDue to the metal copper attached to the inner wall of the hole, the diameter of the finished hole is generally smaller than the hole diameter in the file
Bore Tolerance (Machine Drill)±0.075mmThe tolerance of drilling is ±0.075mm, for example, it is designed as a 0.6mm hole, and the finished hole diameter of the physical board is 0.525--0.675mm is qualified and allowed
Solder mask typePhotosensitive inkPhotosensitive ink is the most used type now, and thermosetting oil is generally used in low-grade single-sided cardboard
Minimum character width≥0.15mmThe minimum width of the characters, if it is less than 0.15mm, the actual board may cause the characters to be unclear due to design reasons
Minimum character height≥0.8mmThe minimum height of the characters, if it is less than 0.8mm, the actual board may cause the characters to be unclear due to design reasons
character aspect ratio1:5The most suitable aspect ratio is more conducive to production
Trace and Outline Spacing≥0.3mm(12mil)When the gong board is shipped, the distance between the line layer and the outline of the board shall not be less than 0.3mm; when the V-cut panel is shipped, the distance between the trace and the center line of the V-cut shall not be less than 0.4mm.
Imposition: Gapless Imposition Gap0 gap spellIt is made up and shipped, and the gap between the intermediate board and the board is 0 (the document has a detailed explanation)
Imposition: With Gap Imposition Gap1.6mmThe gap of the imposition with gap should not be less than 1.6mm, otherwise it will be difficult to edge the gong
Pads manufacturers copper laying methodHatch way copperThe manufacturer adopts the reduction of copper plating. Customers who design this item with pads must pay attention
Picture slot in Pads softwareLayer with Drill DrawingIf there are many non-metallized grooves on the board, please draw on the Drill Drawing layer
Window layer in Protel/dxp softwareSolder layerA few engineers mistakenly put it into the paste layer and do not deal with the paste layer.
Protel/dxp form factor layerUse Keepout layer or mechanical layerOnly one shape layer is allowed to exist in a file, and two shape layers are never allowed to exist at the same time. Please delete the unused shape layers, that is, only one of the Keepout layer or the mechanical layer can be selected when drawing the shape.
half hole processMinimum half hole diameter 1.0mm
No more than 10
The half-hole process is a special process, and the minimum hole diameter must not be less than 1.0mm
Solder mask bridge0.1mmIf there is a solder mask bridge requirement, it must be noted! The price of the solder mask bridge will rise according to the process requirements. If the solder mask color is green, red or blue, the pad spacing must be ≥8mil; the pad spacing of other colors must be ≥10mil

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