Express PCB

Express PCB

What is Express PCB?

The main purpose of manufacturing of PCB board is to allow high precision and fastest development of the PCB layout during the designing process. It also comes with the multiple electronic schematics that associate with it also comes under this PCB board. It is convenient to use you can easily turn your idea into a PCB design. You guys can easily create or build your PCB like a professional PCB in no time. It is more friendly to use for all kinds of users at any level of the building of PCB. It is the quick turn PCB, in most cases, you have low time for designing a product then it built your basic design for you.


In our daily life, we come across many electronic devices and use them for multiple purposes. Printed circuits are also known as PCBs or electronic cards are the most important element in our electronic devices. While manufacturing all the devices there are a lot of variations inserted in them regarding their maximum default size, design software, schematics drawing, shape, layers, or colors. In all of these PCBs got a separate distinction which all due to their high-end performance. According to our belief and observation if you are belonging electronic manufacturing or processing technology then you are no stranger to PCB. It is highly used where there is the need for the use of edge-cutting electronic technologies. So lets we move to the list of advantages of using PCB.

Outstanding Basic Quality And Quick Production:

In most cases and many customers focus on the top quality of PCB fast board which means we are talking about the reliability of the design.  Its good quality also expresses that it has good quality of printing. Nowadays much powerful electronic printing technology and high-quality manufacturing materials are used, so it is necessary to have outstanding basic quality. But when it comes to the production time, it is also very quick in the case of this PCB so which is also a great advantage of using PCB with additional features with the highest quality while the designing process.

Precise Module and Easy to use:

The core advantage of using the PCB is its module that is made highly precise and mature. As the manufactured module is of high quality then it is obvious that its use is more convenient than any other. Due to its module, it is easy to use for subsequent wiring, horizontal line, isolated path, board houses, schematic link, and deep processing work, which is why many manufacturers' efficiency has been improved by using PCB.

Affordable prices:

As the PCBs are the greatest demand of the time to produce high quality in a short time.  So its production also increases at the market level.  But its addition during the

designing process adds many useful features to your design. Many of the express

PCBs, come with the guarantee of sales after services so it is another useful

advantage of its cost-effective addition to your product design.

Methods For the Circuit Board’s PCB Fabrications:

In the early ’90s, there was the start of a new era, that open new doors for electronic technology. As you come across many electronic devices such as your smartphone, that is an electronic device

having a quick PCB in it.  

As smartphones have multiple features to perform simultaneously so that’s why they

are made with multiple layers. In general, the development of an electronic

product goes through a large number of circuit board tests such as PCB production

tests. Mostly in many cases, the PCB production file is placed under the

professional circuit board factory for direct production. This process is named

as the proof of concept by the circuit board factory.  

How long does it take to layout-menu of desired projects?  

An express PCB usually manufactures a product in nearly 3 days of the week. This time is the product life cycle during the product manufacturing or development process. In the laboratory, a developer makes a product many times to produce a good quality product in a very short time to achieve the fastest onboard production. There are mainly two methods for the manufacturing of the product such as the Physics method and chemical method.

The Physics Method:

By using relatively simple circuit boards, and remove extra copper, and making some simple changes in the project. This modification in the circuit is done by using knives and various power tools but it has low accuracy.

The Chemical Method:

This method is widely used nowadays and it has more accuracy than the physics method. It is done by covering the blank copper-clad with a protective layer, to remove extra copper from the board it is added to the solution.  This process is relatively complex and done with high precision. But this method is widely used in the production of fast board manufacturing methods.

Quality Control Production:

By the experience of multiple years, EroupePCB now introduced high-quality control production of express PCBs to the market. To give you more clear details about our transformation and production of PCB scroll down:

Analysis and Processing:

As from the beginning of the order, our circuit board analyzing engineers focus a lot on the details offered by our valuable customers. They analyze the whole design properly whether the circuit board documents are correct or not? And after analyzing they send it to the customer to report the problem and make the changes that are required. This will help in modification on confirmation by the customer.

Cutting, Drilling, and Storage of Copper clad:

To make your design perfect and highly effective in its shape we make every step more effective. We select top-quality copper cladding laminates for the storage and edging which prevents them from corrosion, it also protects them from damage during the process of electroplating. While making the design we drill the hole and after drilling, we make sure that the size of the hole is accurate according to the customer's demand and the design is accurate.

  • Electroplating of Copper:

To make the level of copper accurate while storage of copper in electroplating. To make it accurate and

highly performing its level is keep in under observation. Every connection on the board is observed with the electron microscope. Each detail of the design is made under the high observation that it meets the demand or not?

  • Darkroom Screen printing :

The process parameters of every step are made with high precision. Such the viscosity of the ink, time, speed, humidity, and temperature are very important for onboard manufacturing. All these parameters are strictly controlled in the darkroom.

  • Testing and Problem Improvement:

Experiment boards are very important for flying probe testing of the PCB prototype and small-batch. We need all of the information about the design that meets the requirement or not. To check all these parameters we need to test them at every level before shipping. The batch test is very important to check out all the parameters quickly.

LT PCBA – Best PCB designer

Adequate board thickness and copper thickness are important to PCB design. High-capability resistors and capacitors, with multiple tests and component verification, are under integration in PCB. It is to define the epitome of high-quality PCB in the market. Our space and flight-approved PCB have been delivered on time, without any delay. This will be giving you the best service that you deserve. Moreover, the components are under UL certification and go through packaging following the guidelines by ISO. This is to make sure that there is no compromise on the quality of the PCB in any case.

Why Choose LT PCBA?

We aim to offer all PCBs that are efficient, reliable, and safe. As professional PCB designers, we never compromise on quality and prioritize value for all our worthy customers. As manufacturers with high expertise and experience in the field of PCB manufacturing and designing, we believe that building sustainable and trustworthy relationships with our clients. This is the main objective we aspire for in our organization. Moreover, we also aspire to perform with utmost brilliance in all our phases, from designing and layouts to manufacturing and quality check. Highly acknowledged international certification authorities have certified it regarding the electronic industry on a global scale. We make sure there is no compromise from our side. The highly exceptional quality of material through our strong core equipment system and a great lineup of around 70 engineers is the proud asset that we depend on. You can contact us for more information and great service, we will get back to you at the shortest notice. Moreover, you will get a fast quote and our professional experts will be there to answer all your queries and concerns. It includes whatever concerns you have regarding the product and relating things, such as the delivery of the product. How friendly does it sound? that we test your product before shipping and make the shipping in safe hands. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, trust me our ordering process is so smooth. For more updates, you can be in touch with our industry news section.


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