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PCB Assembly
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Europe PCB is a real PCB assembly manufacturer, which has three manufacturing bases equipped with the most advanced production equipment such as YAMAHA pick and place machine, Reflow oven, Wave soldering Machine, X-RAY, AOI testing machine; and the most professional technical personnel.

PCB assembly capability and equipment

Fast Turn Assembly

Standard SMT lines:8 Yamaha lines PCB mounted types:Rigid PCB, FPC, Flex-Rigid PCB,Aluminum PCB Work shift:3/Chip mount accuracy:+/- 0.03mm

Due to powerful equipment, the installation of large-scale batches takes the shortest possible time

"Choose the right solution to reduce the cost of PCB Assembly"

- Quality products from LT PCBA

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Cost factors affecting PCB Assembly:

  • Dor automatic mounting of boards, GERBER files are accepted for each technological layer of the board in the RS-274-X (mm, 3.3) format, indicating the layer name, project name, date, type, and a class of the board;
    • When ordering, the nomenclature, quantity, type, and a class of boards, the manufacturing program, and the specification of design data must be indicated.Assembly of printed circuit boards is one of the main services that our company provides.

    Thanks to high-tech equipment, automated BGA assembly lines with a total capacity of up to 160,000 components per hour, modern soldering equipment and materials, Europe PCB PCB allows you to carry out all types of PCB assembly, as well as the entire cycle of related work:

    • Urgent assembly of printed circuit boards;
    • Serial assembly of printed circuit boards;
    • Production of prototypes PCB assembly;
    • Functional testing;
    • Separation of boards after installation;
    • Lead-free installation;
    • Tracing of printed circuit boards.

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pcb assembly near me

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Choose the right solution to reduce the cost of PCB Assembly

  • Fast Turn Assembly
    Due to powerful equipment, the installation of large-scale batches takes the shortest possible time

    Installation site services

    • Automatic/mixed assembly of SMD components (lead, lead-free, and combination assembly)

    • Automated output assembly (production of LED panels)

    • Assembly of prototypes and small batches (semi-automatic and manual assembly)

    • Wire processing, harness and cable assemblies manufacturing

    • Moisture protection with varnish and filling with compound

    • Manual installation of outlet components

    • Stencil production

    • X-ray quality control of soldering

    • Surface and outlet mounting

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PCB Assembly in china


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  • SMT, Through-hole & Mixed Technology Single & Double Sided SMT Assembly

  • Leaded & Lead-Free (RoHS) Assembly No-Clean & Water Soluble Fluxes Standard Flux: Water Soluble

  • SMT Sizes: 0201 or greater BGA Pitch: 16 mil (0.4mm) or greater Fine Pitch: 16 mil (0.4mm) or greater

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA & µBGA), QFN, POP & lead-less chips

  • Class II and Class III Inspection Visual, Automatic Optical & X-ray Inspection

  • Professional design

  • Good after-sales service




PCB Assembly

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  • From one to 8,000+ assembled pieces.
  • Flexible assembly capabilities.
  • Assembly from 8 to 72 hours
  • Expedite Service Online progress tracking Available now parts
pcb assembly services
pcb assembly near me
prototype pcb assembly
Prototype Pcb Assembly Manufacturer

PCB Assembly

- Quality products from PCB Assembly

ONE-STOP SERVICE:We can achieve your electronic products from schematic desgin,PCB and Assembiy making,to

We will you in two hours and all your RFQ could be quoted within 24hours and we provide fast prototypes for approval

We have established a strong global electronics components supply chain that help us get
reasonable and competitive

We have professional quality assurance team,Quality control system,to ensure all the products come out under control.


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