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One-Stop Service to Meet all customer’s Requirements & Save Time

Quickturn PCB Assembly

PCB fabrication and parts procurement are carried out simultaneously, saving time Prototype orders placed within 24 hours Quote and Order Online at any time

Competitive Price

Our price is one of the most competitive in the world Own factory with good cost control, no hidden cost in it Accept T/T, cash, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. Our two factories have price support for different orders

On-Time Delivery

Common methods are DHL and FedEX, door-to-door service. Normal Shipping Time only 2-4 Days. Cooperate with two transportation companies for many years with discounted prices Anti-static+Moisture-Proof+Anti-Vibration Packaging; Inspection certificate Professional agent To Iran, Pakistan

Quality Assurance

All products follow the IPC or UL Standards and the ROHS&REACH standards. 98% customer positive evaluation and satisfaction Standardized factory processes and management Multiple testing services

Return and Refund

In case our PCB is not usable due to our fault, you can ask for compensation. Wne can refund to your account directly or rework the unusable boards or re-fabricate your PCB and re-ship to you at our cost, but please cooperate to solve the problem if need to rework.

"How much do you know about PCB Assembly Overview?

- Quality products from LT PCBA

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What is PCB Assembly Overview?


average production time for Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is board presented after the entire parts and components get soldered and rightfully installed. A PCBA orders:

20-30 Production Days
15-20 PCB Fabrication+Parts Procurement
 5-10 Assembly
  • * Please triple-check all files and information before placing the order.
  • * Shipping time depends on the destination country and the shipping method selected.

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wholesale Pcb Assembly Overview

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We have two PCB assembly factories, one in europepcb, one in Shenzhen.

The factory in europepcb is a dedicated division of our advanced service(military sector), equipped with 4 SIEMENS SMT lines and the Shenzhen factory is dedicated to our standard service (Non-Military) equipped with 4 YAMAHA SMT lines, X-ray, and AOI, providing a quality assembly service with very reasonable prices.

We can provide all kinds of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is responsible for many cases of circuit board failure. EMI causes about 50% of PCB prototype assembly service you, including wiring harness assembly, injection, and conformal coating.

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Pcb Assembly Electronic

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Our Top Quality Assembly Capabilities

Assembly capabilities installation is carried out at the highest professional level within a strictly agreed time frame, regardless of the complexity and volume of the order. The PCB assembly technology we use may vary depending on the purpose of the PCB and the customer's wishes.

PCB assembly cost

  • The quoted prices for automatic and manual PCB assembly may vary depending on the technology used, the manufacturing time, and the complexity of the installation. For a detailed calculation, you must provide the technical documentation of the project. Our experts will calculate the cost based on the installation technology most acceptable for your project.
  • Types of PCB mounting Based on the density of the components on the board, as well as the seriality of the product, one of the types of installation is carried out:

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Pcb Assembly Services Factories

PCB Assembly Overview Services

Reasons To Persuade You



  • One-Stop Service to Meet all customer’s Requirements & Save Time

  • Complete lead-free (RoHS) + Post-Weld + Check

  • No Minimum Quantity Required

  • BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection, Aqueous Cleaning and PCB Testing Services

  • In case our PCB is not usable due to our fault, you can ask for compensation, wne can refund or rework for you.

  • PCB Fabrication, components procurement and assembly, all-in-one from one simple platform

  • Get Your Future PCBA Project Done Now



Where is the Parts Source

  • Consigned/kitted: We prefer you supply all the parts for the PCBA services. In this case, please send us all the components with BOM file and detailed packing list indicating item number, customer or manufacturer’s part number and quantity in kit.
  • Turn-key: With our wide and powerful network of parts sourcing, we offer Turn-key PCBA service. We do not mark up on the parts cost. Considering the big price gap between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may have no price advantages. We will always ask for your approval before making any decisions.
  • Partial Turn-key/Combo: This is our regular practice which you offer the main devices and components, while we source the rest for you. Just like the Turn-key service, we will ask for your approval on every details of the parts concerning price, quality and availability..
  • Lead Time: Our assembly time ranges from 24 Hours to a few weeks. Please choose appropriate time option to fit your schedule and budget. Due to the complexity of how to determine the turn time of PCBA services, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after all the parts are ready and all the PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.,) , Centroid (Pick & Place PNP file, or XY Data or files in other formats), BOM, and all other necessary data or documents/images/photos are complete for our assembly work.
BGA Toy Car Pcb Assembly
Prototype Pcb Assembly Manufacturer

Common Features of PCB Assembly Overview

- Quality products from LT PCBA
  •  .Assembly Options: We offer Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-Hole (THT) and hybrid of both. We also offer single or double-sided placement.
  • Assembly Options: We offer Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-Hole (THT) and hybrid of both. We also offer single or double-sided placement.
  • Types of Solder: We offer both leaded and lead-free (RoHS Compliant) assembly services for our customers. Please choose one to best fit your PCB and the parts on the PCB.
  • Stencils:We use laser cut stainless steel stencils to ensure high reliability for fine pitch and BGA components. Nano coating is available upon request.

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